Vertically Pointing Radar

Vertically Pointing Radar (VPR) provide height-resolved information about rainfall micro-physical processes directly above a monitoring location.  VPR can be used for direct calibration of scanning radars and to account for uncertainties in relating radar measurements to surface rain-rate.

WRNZ are the New Zealand agent for Metek Micro Rain Radars. MRR are suitable for a variety of meteorological, aviation and geological hazard applications.
WRNZ have undertaken detailed cross-calibration of the Auckland National radar using a Metek MRR. Details of the work can be found in our 2017 NZ Water conference paper, for which WRNZ, Auckland Council and Mott MacDonald Ltd were awarded "paper of the year":

WRNZ currently run a Metek MRR-PRO in Auckland. The equipment is collecting data for Callaghan Innovation co-funded R&D project investigating use of vertically pointing radar to further improve rainfall estimates from scanning radar in the Auckland Region. Click here to access the latest 24 hour VPR profile: 

Vertically Pointing Radar
A vertically pointing radar