Vertically pointing radars

Vertically Pointing Radar (VPR) provide height-resolved information about rainfall micro-physical processes directly above a monitoring location. VPR can be used for direct calibration of scanning radars and to account for uncertainties in relating radar measurements to surface rain-rate.

WRNZ is the New Zealand agent for Metek Micro Rain Radars. MRR are suitable for a variety of meteorological, aviation and geological hazard applications.

  • Monitoring the height of the freezing level ("bright band")

  • Volcano and avalanche event detection

  • Estimation of hydrometeor properties

  • Direct calibration of scanning weather radar

Metek MRR vertically pointing radars

WRNZ currently runs a Metek MRR-PRO in Auckland. The equipment is collecting data to further improve rainfall estimates from scanning radar in the Auckland Region. A description of the work may be found at: Water NZ Conference 2017 "OPERATIONAL USE OF RAIN RADAR IN AUCKLAND"