About us

Our team is made up of people with different scientific backgrounds but a unique interest. Who are we?

Luke Sutherland-Stacey, Director (PhD)

is an expert in in-situ and remote sensing techniques and works actively in the interdisciplinary space bridging the gap between research and applications.

Phone: 021 823 555

John Nicol, Senior Scientist (PhD)

has over 20 years experience developing weather radar technologies and measurement techniques in academia and working with national weather services.

Email: john@weatherradar.co.nz

Beatriz Reboredo (PhD)

moved to New Zealand from Spain in 2015 and completed a PhD in atmospheric dynamics at the University of Auckland looking at the scale sensitivity of heat-induced tropical circulations. She joined WRNZ in 2019 as a postdoctoral scientist, where she works towards improving radar analysis through interpolations methods.

Email: beatriz@weatherradar.co.nz

Geoff Austin, Professor (PhD)

has been working with weather radar rainfall measuring and flood forecasting systems around the world for more than 40 years in academic and commercial settings.

Harry Oudenhoven, Electronics Technician

Harry worked for the Auckland Nuclear Accessory Company for a short time before working for the University of Auckland as a technician in the Physics Advanced Laboratory. Finding retirement not sufficiently challenging, he now works part time for Weather Radar New Zealand contributing to their electronics projects.

Email: harry@weatherradar.co.nz

Nick Edkins (PhD submitted)

has modelled extreme climates, including Venus and the Snowball Earth, at the University of Auckland. He joined WRNZ as a postdoctoral scientist in 2021, where he is working on characterising orographic enhancement in Auckland with the aim of improving its representation in rainfall nowcasting.

Email: nick@weatherradar.co.nz

Lydia Watson (undergrad student)

is a current fourth year student at the University of Auckland, studying physics and engineering science. She has been working part time for Weather Radar New Zealand since 2019 doing both field work and supervised research.

Email: lydia@weatherradar.co.nz